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The Heart of Motive Impact: My Story from Addiction to Wellness

Life is like an abstract painting. A Picasso, I guess. 🤷‍♂️

All our moments of life, every thread of experience, contributes to what we see today.

My story, inside colors of struggle, discovery, and transformation paint what you see as Motive Impact.

It is a journey from the shadow of addiction to the light of wellness, a testament to the power of change, and the profound impact of embracing nature's gifts.

 From Darkness to Light 

My descent into addiction was not sudden.

For over 20 years it crept up, shadow-like, entangling me in its web. Alcohol at first, and then opiates, then anything I could get, became my refuge.

An easy way to numb the pain and escape reality.

While dealing with the devil, and seeking solace in these substances, I lost myself. The turning point came when I was homeless and addicted. I was the zombie I said I would never be. I was at my lowest.

This is when the cost of addiction was no longer just personal. It took, and I happily gave, everything I held dear.

 A Journey of Recovery 

Recovery began not with a step, but a decision — a commitment to reclaim my life. I needed God. He was there.

The journey to recovery is just that, a journey. The road to recovery is never ending. I wake up everyday to fight another day. To stay sober. 

This path is fraught with challenges, each day a battle between the past's pull and the future's promise. It is a journey of self-discovery. A consistent peeling back the layers of the proverbial onion. Many of these layers I never knew existed.

I made a commitment to find not just who I was before addiction but who I could become sober.

I had an opportunity to be who I was supposed to be all along, me.

The ER Sucks!

Who knew that getting sober was not enough? 

This was the realization I had after multiple trips to the emergency room for stomach problems. I had done damage to ALL my body and now I was paying the price in spades.

Things had to change.

The Role of Nature and Nutrition 

I decided to cut everything out and start from the ground up, literally. I went to the earth for answers.

She answered too.

I found unexpected avenues in Her world and Her bounty.

Superfoods, with their potent nutritional profiles, became more than just fuel for the body; they were medicine for my soul.

Leafy greens, berries, nuts, and seeds — these were the tools that helped rebuild me, physically and mentally.

 Motive Impact: A Vision Born from Personal Struggle 

Motive Impact was not just conceived as a platform or a brand; it was born from my personal struggle and recovery.

It is a space dedicated to sharing the lessons learned along my journey, to educating and inspiring others on their paths to wellness.

It is a space I wish I had. A space to teach, share and give back.

We celebrate the healing power of nature, the importance of nutrition, and the strength of the human spirit.

This is where we share together, we learn together, we grow together. 

Join Us on This Journey  

I share my story not for accolades but to light a beacon for others navigating the turbulent seas of addiction and recovery.

Motive Impact is more than my story; it is a community, a gathering place for those seeking wellness, understanding, and support.

Your journey, like mine, is unique. When we share our stories, we find common ground, strength, and hope.

I invite you to join us at Motive Impact, to share your journey, learn from others, and discover the transformative power of wellness and recovery.

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